Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Attempt Great Things For God; Expect Great Things From God (Romans 8)

If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you attempt?

What have you avoided trying because you were afraid to fail?

Read Romans 8:31-39. Which verse is your favorite? Why?

What do you think it means that "God is for us?"

Make a list of everything God has done for us according to these verses.

Read verse 35. In your own words describe some of the life issues that might try to separate us from God's love.

Read verses 38-39. Which of these life issues are most frightening to you? Why?

What do you think it means to be "more than conquerors?"

What issue in your life do you need to conquer? Which truth from these verses can you claim to help you?

What lessons has God been teaching you lately from His Word?

In your life, which character trait would you like to change to make you more like Jesus?

Think about your answers to the previous two questions. What is something you believe God wants you to attempt this week?

What fears are threatening to keep you from attempting this?

Which verse from Romans 8 will you claim to empower you to do God's will this week?

Ask at least one other person to pray specifically for you this week as you seek to boldly follow God.

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