Tuesday, September 27, 2016

You Have a Representative That Cares About You (Romans 5)

Have you ever had the opportunity to be a representative for a person or group? How did you do?

Have you ever been represented poorly by someone else? How did you feel?

Do you feel that Adam was a good or bad first representative of humanity? Why?

Read Romans 5:19. Use the previous verses for help answering the following questions.

Who is the first “one man” mentioned in this verse? How do you know?

Who is the second “one man” mentioned in this verse? How do you know?

How did the first man’s disobedience affect everyone who came after him? How did his disobedience impact you? Explain.

If you had been the first man, would you also have disobeyed? Why or why not?

Make a list of all the ways the second man was obedient to God. How did his obedience impact you?

Read 2 Corinthians 15:49. How is this verse connected to Romans 5:19?

What do you think it means that we will “bear the image of the heavenly man?”

When God looks at you, does He think you look more like the first man or the second man? Why?

If you do bear the image of the heavenly man, then God, the Father, must feel about you the same way He feels about Jesus. How would you describe the way God, the Father, feels about Jesus?

Knowing how God feels about you should inspire you to live a certain way. How do you want to live this week as a result of God’s love for you?

What are you going to change in your life to help you live this way?

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