Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You? (Mark 10)

If you could ask Jesus for one thing right now, what would it be?

How would your life change if He gave you what you wanted?

Why do you think He might not give you what you want?

Read Mark 10:35-52.

Which verse in these passages do you think is most powerful? Why?

In these verses, Jesus’ disciples ask Him for something and a blind man asks Him for something. How are the two requests similar and how are they different?

What was wrong with the request of James and John? Is it always wrong to ask God to give you good things? Why or why not?

How do you know when your prayers are too selfish?

Re-read Mark 10:41-45. Summarize these verses in one sentence.

What are the leadership lessons you can spot in these words of Jesus?

Do you think the blind man’s requests in verse 47 and 51 are better than the requests of James and John? Why or why not?

Do you ever simply ask God to have mercy on you? Why or why not? How do you need to experience God’s mercy in your life right now?

If Jesus has shown you mercy, you should show mercy to others. Who needs your mercy today?

After thinking about this passage, have you changed your one request for Jesus? If yes, What is the one thing you would ask Jesus for now?

How is your prayer life going to be different this week as a result of this study?

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