Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Well Do You Listen To Jesus? (Mark 9)

 What is the best advice you been given in the past month? What is the best advice you have given to someone else in that time?

If Jesus was going to give you one piece of advice, what do you think He would say?

Read Mark 9:2-13. How do you think Peter, James and John felt at the end of this day? What would you have said to Jesus if you had been there?

If you had to choose one verse in this passage to memorize, which would you choose? Why?

In verse 7, a voice speaks from the cloud. The voice is God the Father. Why do you think He told the disciples to listen to Jesus?

How can we listen to Jesus?

What do you plan to do in the coming week in order to hear from Jesus?

Walk through the following "LISTEN" acronym and consider how your life should change as you listen to Jesus.

L- Love what Jesus would love. Who is a person (or people) in your life that needs to experience the love of Jesus? How can you show that love to them?

I- Invest where Jesus would invest. If Jesus managed your finances, what changes do you think He would make? If He owned your possessions, how do you think He would use them?

S- Serve how Jesus would serve. How the gifts God has given you be used to benefit those around you?

T- Take on what Jesus would take on. What is one habit or practice you think Jesus wants you to work on?

E- Eliminate what Jesus would eliminate. What is one habit or practice you think Jesus wants you to end?

N- Now! Why wait? Set a goal for yourself with a deadline and take the next step Jesus is calling you to take!

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