Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2 Easy Steps To Become A Great Leader (Mark 9)

In your opinion, who is the greatest historical figure of the past 100 years? Why?
What do you think makes someone "great"? What makes someone a great leader?
What made Jesus great?
Read the following passages. After you read each passage, identify one or two principles about "greatness" or "leadership":
  • Read Mark 9:35
  • Matthew 20:25-28
  • Matthew 23:1-12
  • Luke 22:24-29
How would you describe Jesus' view on greatness and leadership?
What do you think Jesus meant when he said "the first shall be last"?
What do you think Jesus meant when he said leaders must first be "the servants of all"?
Who is someone you know that willingly puts them self last on a regular basis? Who is someone you know that is always serving other people? Do you consider those people to be great? Why or why not?
How did Jesus put Himself last? How did He serve others?
List three or four people that you can serve this week? What specifically can you do to help them?
What is one situation in your life where you can intentionally put other people ahead of you?
What are the challenges you think might keep you from placing yourself last or serving others? How can you overcome those challenges? How can others help you overcome those challenges?
If you spend a couple minutes in prayer every morning, how will you pray about these challenges? How will you pray for others? How would you like others to pray for you?
What is your goal for this week?

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