Saturday, May 21, 2016

Use Prayer To Prepare Your Heart and The Hearts of Others (Mark 4)

Read Mark 4:1-20.
Why do you think Jesus began by saying, "Listen!"? Why is listening important?
Read the following verses about listening. In each verse, identify one principle about how listening can help you grow.
Proverbs 16:20 Matthew 7:24 Luke 11:28 James 1:22
The story Jesus told in Mark 4 describes four different types of people and how they respond to God's truth. In your own words, describe each of the four types of people.
The good soil talked about by Jesus represents a person with a receptive heart. How would you describe a heart that is receptive to God?
How would you describe a heart that is hardened to God? Has there been a time in your life when you've felt a hardness of heart toward God? How did He soften you?
Jesus explained that some people receive the truth at first but then fall away. In your experience, what causes people to walk away from God?
Since listening to God is important, take a moment and think about what God wants to say to you. If He was going to speak to you about one area of your life, what would it be? What would He say to you?
What is one thing God wants you to give up? What is one thing He wants you to begin doing?
Write down the names of 3-5 people you know who haven't yet accepted the truth about Jesus.
What is one thing you can say to them this week that might help them think about what God wants from them? How can you say it in love?
Take some time and pray for each of the people on your list. Pray that:
  • God will soften their heart toward the truth
  • God will reveal to them how much He loves you
  • God will cause them to be curious about Jesus
  • God will use you or someone else to speak the truth to them
  • God will convict them of their sin and cause them to desire a new life
  • Finally, pray that they will give their life to Jesus and begin following Him.

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