Thursday, May 19, 2016

Disappointed? Jesus Knows Exactly How You Feel

Read Hebrews 4:15 and Hebrews 2:18. How do these verses make you feel about Jesus?

Rewrite each of these verses in your own words.

What types of temptations did Jesus experience? How did Jesus suffer during His life?

When do you think Jesus experienced disappointment during His life? When do you think he experienced emotional hurt?

Why was Jesus willing to go through temptation, pain and disappointment?

Read or quote John 3:16. Why did God send His Son? Repeat the following statement to yourself a few times: “God loved me so much, He sent His Son.”

How have you experienced pain, disappointment or temptation recently? How did you respond?

Read James 1:2–4. How does God use our difficult times for good? How have you experienced this in the past?

How does it help you to know that Jesus has suffered in the same ways you do?

Take a moment and silently pray. Don’t ask for anything, simply tell Jesus about your struggles. Be confident that He is listening and He understands.

If Jesus is in control of your struggles, you can focus on doing good. What are the good things He wants you to do this week?

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