Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Are you a Fan or Follower of Jesus? (Mark 3)

What does it mean to be a "fan" of someone? Is it a good or bad thing? Why?

What does it mean to "follow" someone? How are the two similar? How are they different?

Read Mark 3:7-19.

Make a list of all the characters in this story. With which characters do you most identify? Why?

Why do you think people came from so far away to see Jesus? How far would you walk to see Jesus? If you traveled that far, what would you want from Him?

If you could ask Jesus to do one thing for you today, what would it be?

Read through the list of the apostles names. Which apostles do you know the most about?

How would you have felt if you had been one of those selected? What questions would you have had for Jesus?

Why do you think Jesus chose Judas Iscariot to be one of His apostles? What does this selection teach you about Jesus?

Read verse 14 again. What is the one thing that was expected from the new apostles (if you can, look at several translations to see the different words that are used)? Do you think Jesus has this same expectation of you? How can you "be with" or "accompany" Jesus?

What do you think is the biggest barrier that keeps people from following Jesus? What barriers keep you from following Jesus?

Go back and read Mark 1:16-20.

When Jesus first called the fishermen, they immediately left their nets, boats and families behind to follow Him. If you are going to follow Jesus, what do you need to leave behind?

What 2-3 things will you do this week to enable you to follow Jesus more closely?

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