Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Last Supper (John 13)

When have you been extremely motivated to accomplish a task? What was the task? What motivated you?

What types of things usually motivate you in life? Why?

What types of things often "de-motivate" you in life? Why?

The events at the end of Jesus' life were of extreme importance, but they were certainly very difficult. In addition to a horribly painful death, Jesus knew that accomplishing His mission would require him to be betrayed by a friend, denied by a closer friend, and abandoned by all his friends. Yet, John 13 tells us that He loved them all, even to the end. John 13:1-3 provides an insight into the motivation that enabled Jesus to accomplish all he had come to do.

As a group, read John 13:1-5. How do you think the disciples felt as Jesus washed their feet? How would you have felt?

John 13:1 says that Jesus knew "his hour had come". Talk about a time when a sense of urgency has motivated you to accomplish something.

Should Christians have a sense of urgency about anything? Explain.

Read John 13:3. Jesus was certain about who He was, what the Father had given Him, and where He was going. This certainty motivated him to do all the Father had commissioned him to accomplish.

Consider what you can be certain about:
What has the Father given you?
Who are you? (who does God say you are?)
Where are you going?

Can these truths help motivate you to do all the Father has commissioned you to accomplish?

What do you need to accomplish this week? How can this group help?

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