Sunday, March 20, 2016

Jesus did the work we couldn't do (Hebrews 4)

What is the hardest work you have ever done? What is the greatest rest you have every experienced?
Read Hebrews 4:10. Rewrite the verse in your own words.
When did God rest? What was the work He was resting from? If He wasn't tired, why do you think he rested? (If you can't come up with the perfect answer, that's okay. This is a question that many people view differently.)
What do you think it means to enter into God's rest?
From what works does God's rest provide relief?
Read Revelation 14:13. While this verse may not be an exact parallel, it is connected to Hebrews 4:10. What does this verse teach about entering God's rest?
How much good does someone have to do in order to please God? How much bad does someone have to do in order to disappoint God?
Read Isaiah 64:6. How do our good works appear to God? Why do you think this is true?
Make a short list of some of the "good works" people do which they think will earn favor with God.
Is it possible for anyone to do enough good that they could earn their way to heaven? Why or why not?
What did Jesus do to make it possible for us to rest from our works of righteousness?
In heaven, we'll have full and complete rest from trying to work for righteousness. How can we enjoy God's rest right now?
Hint: God's rest doesn't mean we sit back and do nothing; it does mean that we can find joy instead of obligation in everything we do!
In what activities do you want to find joy this week? How will accomplish that goal?

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