Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jesus, The Celebrity (Palm Sunday)

What is the closest you've ever been to a celebrity? What did you do or say? Was it a good experience or a bad experience?

Near the end of his life, Jesus was a celebrity of sorts. Why do you think this was?

As a group, read Matthew 21:1-11.

Read Jesus' instructions in verses 2-3. How would you have felt if he gave those instructions to you?

Why do you think the disciples obeyed him?

Why do you think Jesus chose to ride a donkey instead of a horse into Jerusalem?

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the crowd treated him like a king. In your opinion, what did they expect him to do next?

Undoubtedly, many people were disappointed when Jesus didn't fulfill their expectations. 

Have you ever known someone who was disappointed when God didn't meet their expectations? 

What are some unrealistic expectations we sometimes have of God?

What can we do to keep our expectations of God rooted in truth? How can the time we spend in God's Word influence this?

Which of these titles do you feel is the best description of this passage? Explain your answer to the group.

  • The Humility of Jesus 
  • Obeying When You Don't Understand 
  • Misinformed Masses 
  • How Not to Be Disappointed With God 

What is one thing you are taking away from this passage and this discussion?

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