Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reach Out And Touch Someone... Who Is Untouchable (Mark 1)

 When have you been around someone who had a contagious illness? How did you act around them?

Does your behavior around contagious people change if they are someone you love (like a child or spouse)?

What is the worst disease you can imagine contracting?

Read Mark 1:40-42.

What do you know about leprosy?

Do you think this many believed Jesus could heal him? Why or why not?

Why do you think this man began by saying, "If you are willing"?

Read James 4:13-16. How are these verses similar to saying "if you are willing?" What do these verses teach us about how we should pray?

Those with leprosy were not allowed to live around other people and were mandated by law to avoid all physical contact. Many people believed you could contract leprosy simply by walking too closely to a leper.

Try to describe the emotions of a person who had leprosy. What words best describe how they likely felt most of the time?

How do you think people responded when Jesus reached out and touched the leper? Jesus healed many people by simply speaking to them. Why do you think Jesus touched this man?

Who are the "untouchable" people in society today? What makes them untouchable?

How should Christians act toward these people? What would it look like for the church to "reach out and touch" the untouchables?

Make a list of 3-5 specific actions you (or a group) can take to be more loving and welcoming to the untouchable people around you.

Take time and pray that God would give you a willing heart and empower you to reach out to those around you who may feel alone and discouraged.

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