Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jesus Offers A Fresh Start (Matthew 3)

Have you ever had a turning point in life? How did it happen? How did you benefit?

When have you benefited from receiving a fresh start? How did it change your life?

Read Matthew 3:1-12.

What words would you use to describe John? Who does he remind you of?

How would you summarize John's message in one or two sentences?

Read verses 7-10 again. Why do you think John used such strong language?

John told the people to "prove" that they had repented. How can someone prove that they have repented? What are some actions that go along with repentance?

Why is Jesus' baptism better than John's?

Once you've repented of something, Jesus gives you a fresh start. What are two or three areas of your life in which you need a fresh start?

What can you do this week to demonstrate true repentance?

What can you do this week to embrace the fresh start Jesus has given you?

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