Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wrong Choices Lead Down The Path To Destruction (Matthew 7)

Talk about a time you've watched someone else choose a life path that led to destruction.

Consider these two principles about the path you choose in life: 

1. Every path leads somewhere. 
2. The path you choose determines the destination you reach.

Read Matthew 7:13-14.

If someone asked you to explain what it means to choose the narrow path and the narrow gate, what would you tell them?

Think about which life path you are walking right now. Answer the following questions about the path you are on:
  • When was the last time I made a significant, life-changing decision? What path did that decision put me on?
  • What character traits would I expect to see from people who are on the right path?
  • Who else is following the path I am on?
  • What is the defining behavior of those who are on this path with me?
  • Has following this path caused me to experience any kind of opposition? Should it?
  • What role is my relationship with Jesus playing while I walk this path?
How would you describe the wide path? Why would anyone ever choose the wide path?

Is it possible to walk the narrow path without having a relationship with Jesus? Why or why not?

How do you need to respond to this passage? What specific action will you take this week?

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