Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Persistence in Prayer: Ask, And Keep On Asking (Matthew 7)

I recently heard a great quote about persistence: "The only place success comes after quitting is in the dictionary."

When have you experienced success because you chose not to quit even though things got difficult?

Who do you know that demonstrates amazing persistence in their life?

How can learning to be persistent be beneficial in your life? Why is it better to keep working at something than to quit?

Read Luke 8:1-8. What words would you use to describe the widow in this story?

Why do you think God wants his children to be persistent when they pray? What can we learn or how can we grow by being persistent?

Read Matthew 7:7-11. Re-write verse 11 in your own words.

When have you received a good gift from God? According to this passage, what is the key to receiving good gifts from Him?

Is this passage a promise that God will give us whatever we want? Why or why not?

What requests are you going to ask God for this week?

How will you look around (seek) this week to see how God is working around you?

What opportunities has God brought into your life that might turn out to be answers to your prayers? What do you need to do in order to knock on those doors?

Take a few minutes and write out a prayer to God. Read this prayer to him every day this week. As you go through the week, make any changes to this prayer that you think God is prompting you to make.

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