Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LOVE Your Enemies (Matthew 5)

Apart from your family, who in your life is easiest to love? Who is most difficult?

What makes some people more difficult to love?

(Although not the main point of the study, this is an opportunity to self-evaluate and identify any character traits which might make you difficult to love. How can you change these?)

Read Matthew 5:43-48. Which statements in this passage are most convicting to you? Why?

What is most people’s natural response toward those who have treated them poorly? How do you think this is different than Jesus’ way?

What are some examples from the Bible when Jesus demonstrated love for his enemies?

When have you been shown love by someone you had treated poorly? How did it change your relationship?

Read John 15:13. In your own words, explain Jesus’ definition of ultimate love.

How can you show this kind of love to at least one person who has treated you poorly? What impact might such action have on your relationship?

How will you apply this passage to your life this week? Write out a prayer asking God to help you follow through on your goal.

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