Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bad Investments Lead to Hoarding and Anxiety (Matthew 6)

What are your favorite "keepsakes"? Why are they so special to you? How would you feel if you lost them?

Why do you think it is so difficult to lose things we love?

Read Matthew 6:19-34. Choose 2-3 sentences from this passage that are most meaningful to you. Why do you like these thoughts?

In these verses, Jesus talks about storing (investing) treasures. Where are the two places he says people store their treasures? What makes these two places different?

Do you know anyone who has lost their earthly treasure? How did it happen?

In verse 25, Jesus says not to be anxious. What are the things He does not want you to worry about? Give some examples of how people worry about these things.

What do you think it means to seek God's kingdom? How can your life demonstrate that God is your king?

How can someone seek God's righteousness?

God gives treasures to everyone, but everyone's treasures are different. What are the treasures God has given to you? How do you think God wants you to invest those treasures?

What causes you to feel anxiety? What things are you afraid of losing? How can you apply verses 27-30 to your life?

What things do you think God wants you to let go of? What things do you think He wants you to pursue?

What can you do this week to help you focus on God's provision in your life?

How can you encourage those around you that need to be reminded of God's provision?

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