Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are You Looking For A Sign? (Matthew 2:1-6)

The star is the most widely recognized Christmas "sign" that Jesus had been born. Does God often give signs? Do you wish he would more often? This discussion is about whether or not we need a "sign" in order to live as God desires.

When have you asked God to give you a sign? Did he?

Why is it okay to ask God for a sign? Why is it not okay?

Read Matthew 2:1-6. Which part of this passage is most meaningful to you? Why?

Why do you think the wise men in Jerusalem missed the sign?

Do you think the wise men in Jerusalem were even looking for the Messiah? Why or why not?

When the wise men from the East saw the star they decided to embark on a long journey. What do you think motivated them to make this unexpected trip?

In your past, What things have caused you to radically change your plans? How did things work out?

Have you ever radically changed your plans because of something you read in the Bible? What was the result?

If God asked you to make one major change in your life, what do you think it would be?

Is there anything in the Bible that talks about this kind of change?

What sign do you need in order to be convinced to make the change?

How will you act this week in response to this study?

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LONE WOLF said...

David Rudd,

Sir, just want to say million of thanks for these resources. I am in need for guide like this. Yes, I do modify my approach suiting the kind of people in my group. But this is really helpful and relevant particularly the topics and questions you have here.
I am Dennis and working in the campus ministry.

Praising God for your effort