Friday, August 10, 2012

A Matter of Authority (Matthew 28)

Who was the best boss you ever had? What made him/her such a good boss?

Who was the worst boss you ever had? Why?

Would you rather have a boss who micro-managed you or who gave you authority to make your own decisions? Why?

Read Matthew 28:18–20.

List some examples of Jesus' authority. Where can you see His power demonstrated?

How had the disciples been witnesses of Jesus' authority? How would your faith have been impacted if you had witnessed many of Jesus' miracles?

Why do you think Jesus' prefaced his command to the disciples with a reminder of His authority?

In our efforts to make disciples, how can the reminder that Jesus is in control bring us comfort?

How can the reminder that Jesus is in control bring us confidence?

In what way has Jesus given His authority to us?

As you think about "making disciples", what is your greatest fear?

How can a reminder of Jesus' authority help alleviate that fear?

In what part of your life do you need to be reminded of God's control?

How can the group pray for and encourage you this week?

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