Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Never Walk Alone (Matthew 28)

Is being alone stressful for you or is it refreshing? Why?
Talk about a time when you've been alone against your will? or Talk about a time when being alone frightened you?
Why do some people feel lonely even though they are surrounded by people?
Who are the people in your life that you can cout on to be with you when you most need them?
Read Matthew 28:18–20. Why do you think Jesus ended by promising to always be with his followers?
Since Jesus made this promise as He was leaving, what do you think he actually meant?
What are other Bible verses you know that are similar to this one? (particularly, verses that speak about God's presence with us)
Does Jesus' promise in Matthew 28 also apply to us? Why or why not?
How should Jesus' promise to be with us provide motivation for fulfilling the Great Comission?
How can Jesus' presence change the way you live this week? What is one specific impact this truth will have on your life?
How can this group pray for and support you?

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