Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Example Worth Following (Titus 2)

What is your best memory of your grandfather (or grandmother)?

What is something you learned from your grandfather?

What is one thing you want to pass on to your grandchildren?

Read Titus 2:1-2 and 6-8.

Which words in these verses are most meaningful to you? Why?

When Paul writes about "older men", who do you think he is talking about? What makes someone an older man?

Why do you think Paul emphasized how older men should live, rather than what they should teach?

How might an older man set a poor example with the way he lives?

Using the list in verse two, have each person in the group talk about one change they would like to make in their life to be a better example.

Define in your own words each item in verse two's list and give specific examples of how someone would live these virtues out:
temperate -
worthy of respect -
self-controlled -
sound in faith -
sound in love -
sound in endurance -

How can someone improve themselves in each of these areas? What are you doing in your own life to improve in these areas?

How can a small group be a tool for improvement in these areas?

What can this group do this week to help everyone present improve their example?

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