Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Facing the Giants? (1 Samuel 17)

What is a big project you would like to accomplish in the next three years?

How are you preparing yourself to accomplish this?

How can someone be prepared for the future even if they don't know what the future holds?

How are you preparing for the future?

Discuss the story of David and Goliath by going around the group and having each person state one piece of the story that they remember. Assign one person to be the "fact checker". They will use 1 Samuel 17 to be sure everyone's memory matches the actual story in the Bible. Keep going around the group until you run out of things you remember. Then answer the following questions about the story.

In this story, what is David's greatest accomplishment? Why? (allow for competing perspectives on this)

In this story, who is the greatest failure? Why?

What do you admire most about David in this story? Which of his character traits would you like to develop in your own life?

Why do you think none of the regular soldiers of Israel were willing to fight Goliath? Why do you think Saul was unwilling to fight Goliath?

Was their unwillingness to fight a sign of cowardice or a sign of wisdom? Why?

Why do you think David was willing to fight Goliath?

How had David's past experiences prepared him for this moment?

What experiences do you have in your past that you could use right now? How can you utilize the difficulties you are currently experiencing to prepare you for the future?

What is God doing in your life right now that requires you to have courage? How can you respond well in this situation?

How can this group help?

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