Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Before You Teach It, You Need to Live It

Who is the best teacher you ever had? What made them so great?

Read Titus 2:2-5.

Who do you think qualifies as older women? Who qualifies as younger women? Do the two categories overlap?

Why do you think Paul tells the women HOW TO LIVE before he talks about WHAT THEY SHOULD TEACH?

When have you wanted to be taught by someone because you were impressed with how they lived their life?When have you ignored a person's teaching because of the way they lived their life?

How can someone live a "reverent" lifestyle? Who is someone you know that you consider to be "reverent"?

Why is slanderous talk so dangerous? Why do you think Paul warned older women against it? Is this something others should be careful of as well?

Other than wine, what are things to which people can become addicted? How can addictions negatively impact our relationship to God?

Look at the list of things Paul encourages the older women to teach. For each one, discuss a couple of specific examples of how younger women might apply these lessons:
  • love their husbands
  • love their children
  • be self-controlled and pure
  • be busy
  • be kind
  • submit to their husbands

Paul's last words are a statement about the big value behind his teaching. How can the lives of Christians cause some to "malign the Word of God"?

How can you avoid giving people reason to be critical of God? How can your life cause others to want to know God?

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