Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daniel's Seventy Weeks (Daniel 9)

Talk about a time you were really confused. How did you resolve the situation?

Which parts of the Bible are most confusing to you?

Sometimes, when the Bible seems confusing, we need to simply try to find the simple truths about God and then let Him apply those to our lives.

Read Daniel 9:20-27 together.

Who are the key characters mentioned in this passage? What is one thing that stands out to you about each of them?

What are some of the sins of America that need to be confessed? What are some of the sins of the church that need to be confessed?

Do you think churches have sins they need to confess to the communities they are in?

When have you had a prayer answered quickly by God? When have you had to wait for your prayer to be answered? Why do you think God doesn't always answer prayer right away?

How should we respond when God doesn't answer prayer the way we want Him to?

When is a time you have felt particularly close to God? How do you think Daniel felt when Gabriel told him that he was "highly esteemed" by God?

Verse 24 contains a list of six events. What do you think each of these means?

Verses 25-27 are very confusing. What do you think are the most important things we can learn from these verses?

Who is the "Anointed One" that gets cut off? Why is this person important?

How do prophesies like this remind us that God is in control?

Knowing that God is in control of the future should impact the way we pray. How do you want to pray differently this week? What are the important things for which you are going to pray?

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