Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Behind the Scenes Spiritual Warfare (Daniel 10)

What kinds of "battles" to people face in their every day lives? What kinds of battles have you fought this week?

Read Daniel 10:1-21. Which parts of this passage are inspiring? Which parts are confusing? Which verses do you think are most important?

Who do you think is the man Daniel saw in verse 5? What is most striking about the description of him?

What truth about prayer can we learn from verses 11-13?

Where do you think spiritual battle happens? What impact does this spiritual battle have on us? Who is going to win the spiritual battle? (Read Revelation 12 and discuss how it applies to this discussion)

Read Ephesians 6:10-12. What does this passage have in common with Daniel 10?

How does Paul suggest we prepare ourselves for struggles against "spiritual enemies?" What do you do you think it means to put on God's armor?

Of all the "spiritual beings" discussed in this chapter, who do you think is most powerful? Why? How do you think this makes a difference in your life?

What is a hopeless situation you have experienced or are experiencing? How do you think Satan might use that situation to discourage you? What things or people has God put into your life to help you through the situation (this might require some thought)?

How would you live differently if, in every situation, you reminded yourself that "God is in control!"

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