Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Powerful Prayer (Daniel 9)

Read Daniel 9:2 and Jeremiah 25:11-14. How often do you think Daniel read Scripture? How do you think he discovered this passage in Jeremiah?

Why do you think Daniel immediately began praying after he understood this passage? What is symbolized by fasting and wearing sackcloth and ashes?

Which parts of the Bible cause you to mourn or repent?

Read Daniel 9:4-11. In his prayer, how does Daniel describe God? How does he describe himself and the people of Judah?

Do any of these descriptions of Judah feel like they could be talking about you? Which ones? Why?

Read Daniel 9:13. What do you think it means to "seek the favor of the LORD?" If someone told you to seek God's favor, what would you do?

How do you feel about the idea that God continued to bring disaster on the people of Judah? Do you think God does this kind of thing today? Is every disaster a result of God's wrath? Why or why not?

Verse 14 says that God is righteous no matter what He does. Why do you think obedience is the only proper response to God's righteousness?

What do you think it means to be obedient to God? When have you felt like you were doing well at obeying Him? When have you struggled?

Read Daniel 9:18-19. Is it ever okay to ask God to do something for our sake? Why or why not? How would God have been glorified by restoring Jerusalem? What is something you would like God to do in your life that might bring glory to Him?

Is it okay to ask God to do things that won't bring glory to Him? Why or why not?

How will you pray differently this week as a result of this study?

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