Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Future: Dreadful Yet Hopeful (Daniel 7)

What future events are you looking forward to? What future events do you find yourself dreading?

Compare verses 3-7 with Nebuchadnezzar's dream in chapter 2. How do the four beasts seem similar to the four elements of the statue?

Which world empires are represented by these beasts?

Read verse 18. How does this verse demonstrate the difference between the kingdoms of men and the kingdom of God?

How do people sometimes set up their own kingdoms while they live on earth? What kingdoms have you set up for yourself? What would God say to you about your own man-made kingdoms?

Compare verses 9-14 with Revelation 4 and Revelation 20:11-12. What similarities do you see? Do you think Daniel was seeing the same place as John saw in Revelation? Why or why not?

What kind of emotions are stirred within you when you think of God's final judgment?

Who do you think the "more imposing horn" (vs.20-21) represents? Are there people in the world today who act this way?

What are ways you sometimes find yourself rebelling against God? How can you avoid these kind of situations?

How many of these prophesies do you think have already come true? Which ones are yet to come? How does this make you feel about the future?

Read verse 27. How would you rephrase this in your own words? How should the promise of this verse impact the way you live today?

How is this passage troubling to you? How does it give you hope?

How can this group pray for you this week?

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