Thursday, February 9, 2012

Even Detroit's Lions are More Fierce Than Persia's (Daniel 6)

When have you been rescued by another person? How did you respond to your rescuer?

When have you rescued another person? How did they respond to you?

Read Daniel 6 (the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den)

As you read this story, what is your overall impression of King Darius? What were his strengths? What were his weaknesses?

Verses 3 and 4 seem to indicate that some of the rulers were jealous of Daniel. When has your jealousy motivated you to do something you later regretted?

What are some silly things that have caused you to become jealous in the past? Why do you think we become jealous so easily?

The king's decree is found in verse 7. Daniel chose to disobey this decree. When is it okay to disobey the government? When is it not okay?

Why do you think Daniel chose to pray in a public place? Why couldn't he have just gone and prayed in a place where no one could see him?

According to verse 10, Daniel prayed three times every day. Is it important to have a "prayer routine"? Why or why not? How can a prayer routine be harmful? How can it help?

Why do you think God chose to rescue Daniel from the lions? Why does it sometimes seem that God doesn't rescue people?

Read Darius' decree in verses 26-27. Which statement means the most to you? Why?

Make a list of ways God rescues people. Add to the list the ways he has rescued you.

What are three things for which you are thankful?

Close out your time by praying prayers of thanksgiving for God's acts of rescue.

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