Friday, January 20, 2012

Miracles Still Happen (Daniel 3)

What is the most miraculous experience you have had? How did you respond afterward?

As a group, read Daniel 3. Have a few people talk about their favorite parts of this story.

How do you think you would have responded if you were in the same situation as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?

How are people today faced with similar choices as these three (perhaps with less severe consequences)?

Why do you think the faith of these three men was so strong?

Read verses 16-18. Knowing they were about to be "executed" how difficult do you think it was to say the words, "even if he does not..."?

Have you ever been in a situation when God did not deliver you as you hoped he would? How did you respond?

Do you think this is a true story? Why or why not? Does it matter?

Is God capable of accomplishing a miracle like this? What other miracles in the Bible did God do?

Does God still do miracles? Can God still do miracles?

If God can still do miracles, how can that change the way we view our own life's difficulties? How can it change the way you respond to life's difficulties?

What miracle are you waiting for right now? How can the group pray for you and support you?

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