Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How God Deals With Unfaithfulness (Hosea 1)

What feelings and thoughts come to mind when you hear the word "betrayal"? Why?

What is the worst kind of betrayal someone can experience?

Read Hosea 1:1-9.

Why do you think God gave these strange instructions to Hosea? If God told you to marry someone who would be unfaithful to you, would you obey? Why or why not?

While Gomer's first son was Hosea's, it appears her next two children were someone else's. How do you think Hosea felt, knowing these were "children of unfaithfulness"? How do you think you would respond in that situation?

Hosea's relationship with Gomer is symbolic of God's relationship with Israel. God was warning Israel that their unfaithfulness would soon have severe consequences.

In what way do you think Israel was being unfaithful to God? How are Christians today unfaithful to God? How are you tempted to be unfaithful to God?

Was it okay for God to tell Israel that He would no longer love them? Why or why not? Why do you think He was still going to show love to the house of Judah (vs.7)?

Eventually, God's prophesies came true as the nation of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrian empire. Those 10 tribes have never again united as a kingdom even to this day (modern day Israel is descended from the nation of Judah).

Read verse 10-11. How do these verses make you feel? Do you think this prophesy will be fulfilled literally or figuratively? Why?

Did Israel deserve this promise? Why or why not? How did the life and death of Jesus enable this promise to be fulfilled?

How does this promise from God give you hope for your future?

How can the group encourage you tonight to look forward to the future?

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