Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Allow Jesus to Enact His Mission on You (Luke 4)

Who do you know that has a great story of being "set free" from something? How have you seen people's lives changed by their relationship with Christ?

As a group, read Luke 4:16-21. The passage in Isaiah (vs.17) is a passage that describes the mission of the coming Messiah. By aligning Himself with this mission, Jesus was identifying Himself as the Messiah.

If you were to identify specific groups of people in the 21st century that are parallel to the ones about whom Jesus is speaking, who would they be (apart from the "obvious" answers)?
  • the poor?
  • the prisoners?
  • the blind?
  • the oppressed?

As a group, list and discuss the many stories which record how Jesus fulfilled these prophesies during his life.

What are some ways Jesus accomplished these things spiritually (eg. the spiritually poor, the spiritually blind, etc.)

If we want to be like Jesus, how can we take this mission upon ourselves?

To which of the four groups of people do you believe you are best equipped to minister? Why?

What are some specific things you or the group could do to accomplish these kinds of ministry?

If you were going to place yourself into one of these categories (poor, prisoner, blind, oppressed), which would it be?

How do you need Jesus to enact his mission in your life? What can you set aside so that you are open to His work? What do you need to do so that He can complete His work in you?

How can this group pray for you and work with you?

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