Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stubbornness. The Curse of Humanity. (Exodus 7-12)

Who is the most stubborn person you know? How do you deal with them?

What are the things about which you are most stubborn? Why?

As a group, can you name the ten plagues God sent against Egypt? (Check Exodus 7-12 to see if you get them right)

After every plague hit, Pharaoh would "repent" and ask Moses to make the plague stop. Obviously his repentance was not heartfelt, because the Bible tells he would repeatedly harden his heart after the plagues ended.

Have you ever known someone who was "hard-hearted"? What made them that way? How should a Christian act toward someone whose heart is hardened toward the things of God?

Do you think that the lives of Christians sometimes cause others to harden their hearts toward God? Why or why not?

How could a Christian's lifestyle help to soften someone's heart towards God?

What is true repentance? How can you tell the difference between false repentance and true repentance?

Why is repentance necessary in the life of a Christian?

What kinds of things sometimes keep people from repenting? Do you think that everyone is stubborn in some way? Why or why not?

What is the solution for stubbornness?

Can stubbornness ever be a good thing? Why or why not?

Spend some time as a group being quiet, and allow everyone the opportunity to pray on their own. Encourage them to talk to God about the things about which they are being stubborn. Give them the opportunity to engage in repentance if needed.

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