Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sins of the Father... (Genesis 20,26,27)

What is your favorite family tradition? What is your least favorite family tradition?

What character traits have you inherited from your parents? Are these good or bad?

Divide into three groups. Have each group read one of the following stories and then answer the following four questions. After about fifteen minutes, come back together and discuss your answers.

Group one: Genesis 20:1-18
Group two: Genesis 26:1-16
Group three: Genesis 27:1-38

Who are the primary characters in this story? Are they an example to follow or an example to avoid?

What do you think motivated the main characters deception? Do good intentions make lying okay? Why or why not?

What were the consequences of this person's deception?

How is God demonstrated as merciful in this story?

Come back together, discuss your answers, and then answer the following questions:

Do you think Abraham was at all responsible for the deceptive habits of Isaac and Jacob? Why or why not?

What kinds of "generational sins" are present in our society? What kind of impact do they have?

How can someone avoid making the mistakes their parents made?

How can someone avoid passing their own sins on to their children?

Should parents talk to their children about the generational sins in their family? Why or why not? Is there a more advantageous time for a conversation like this?

Spend time as a group praying for the spiritual protection of your children and the generations to follow.

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