Monday, August 15, 2011

The LORD is On Our Side! (Psalm 124)

Psalm 124: Passage Summary

Eternal Truth: The LORD is on our side. He is the creator of heaven and earth.He protects us and sustains us. Without Him we would be devoured and destroyed. He has enabled us to escape from those who would entrap and exterminate us.

Internal Truth: Our hope is in the LORD.

External Truth: We cannot trust in others to sustain us. We cannot trust in ourselves to sustain us. We can generously love those around us, because we are trusting in God to provide us with all we need.

Questions for discussion:

Who do you know that is currently trusting in you for something? Are you worthy of their trust?

When have you trusted someone or something only to be disappointed?

How trustworthy is God? Why?

As a group, read Psalm 124:1-8.

When have you experienced someone "rising up against you" or "having their wrath kindled against you"? What did you do?

How do you feel when you know that someone is out to get you? If Jesus were to speak directly to you in those times, what do you think He would say?

Does it bring any comfort to know that the LORD is on our side? Why or why not? Can we know that He is on our side? Why or why not?

What does it mean that our HOPE is in the LORD? What are some other things or people in which we sometimes place our hope?

What is one thing in your life that you can hand over to God today? How can this group support you in that effort?

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