Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Not Be Selfish While Suffering (Acts 16)

What is your favorite song? Why do you like it?

What is a song that inspires you?

What is a song that comforts you?

Read Acts 16:16-40.

If you were Paul or Silas, how would you feel about being wrongfully thrown in prison. What would you say to the other prisoners or to the guards?

If you were convicted and imprisoned falsely, how would you feel about God? What would you say to Him?

What are some other ways (besides prison) that people seem to suffer undeservedly? When have you felt like you were suffering for something you didn't do?

Why do you think Paul and Silas sang? What types of songs do you think they sang?

When the earthquake hit and the prison doors opened, why do you think Paul and Silas leave? Would it have been wrong for them to leave? Do you think they were simply looking out for the good of the jailer?

What was the ultimate result of their selflessness? Do you think we would see more people accept Christ if we acted more selflessly in the world? Why or why not? How might our response to suffering cause others to reconsider their opinion of Jesus?

How do you need to respond to this study? Is there someone you need to act more selflessly toward? Do you need to respond differently to suffering?

How can this group help you in this process?

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