Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God Wants to Be Close to Everyone (Acts 17)

Talk about a time you have felt close to God. What were the factors that caused this? How often have you felt this way?

As a group, make a list of the attributes of God described by Paul in his sermon.

Why do you think Paul pointed out that God does not need to be served by human hands? What are some things that people sometimes wrongly assume God "needs"?

Why do you think Paul said that God wanted men to seek and reach out for God? How does one reach out for God?

If God is not far from us (vs.27) why do we sometimes feel he is a long way off? How should we act when we feel a long way from God?

If Jesus is the standard by which all men will be judged (vs.31), how can anyone avoid being declared guilty?

Although the expression "in Christ" is not used in this passage, what significance does it hold for those who are "in Him" at the final judgment ?

People responded to Paul in three different ways (rejection, curiosity, belief). Have group members talk about when they've experienced these kind of responses when talking about Jesus.  Should it surprise or discourage us when people reject Jesus? Why and why not?

What can Paul's example teach us about sharing Christ with others? What are the reasons people sometimes choose not to share Christ with those around them? Does anyone have any encouraging stories of times they've talked about Jesus to others?

Spend some time as a group praying that God would give you courage this week as you seek to represent God to the world?

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