Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Generosity, One of Christianities Foundational Virtues (Acts 11)

Who is the most generous person you know? How do they show their generosity?

When was the last time someone treated you in a generous manner? How did you feel about it? How did you respond? What difference did it make in your life?

As a group, read Acts 11:19-30.

Make a list of all the people/groups who act generously in this passage (there are at least 3-4).

How was the church in Jerusalem generous? How was Barnabas generous toward the church in Antioch? How was Barnabas generous toward Saul? How was the church in Antioch generous?

What other examples of generosity did you see in this passage?

Why do you think Barnabas went to find Saul and bring him to Antioch? How did Saul's presence benefit the church in Antioch?

What is the worst nickname you have ever had? Did you earn it? Have you ever had a nickname that you liked? Did you earn that one?

Why do you think the people in Antioch started using the nickname "Christians" to describe the followers of Jesus there?

What nicknames do you think people have for Christian's today? Do we earn all these? As a follower of Christ, what is a nickname of which you would be ashamed? What is a nickname of which you would be proud?

How might the generosity of Christians lead them to have a "good name" in the community? Have you ever known a church that wasn't generous? Did that change the way they were thought of in the community?

What are some simple ways we can seek to be more generous this week? How can our group be a more generous group?

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