Monday, May 9, 2011

The Thief, the Shepherd, and the Gate (John 10)

Have you ever had someone steal something from you? What did they take? How did you feel about them?

Have you ever stolen something from someone else? What was it? Why did you take it? How did it get resolved?

Why is stealing wrong?

Read John 10:1-5.

Who do you think is the thief to whom Jesus was referring?
Who do you think are the sheep?
Who do you think is the shepherd?
 (hint: not every character or element in a parable has a second meaning. it is possible that some characters are simply a part of the story to help move it along. don't assume that there has to be a deeper meaning behind every element of a parable.)

Read Psalm 23 together. How does this Psalm correspond to John 10:1-5? What does it mean to you to be "led by the good shepherd" through your life?

Read John 10:6-10. Why do you think Jesus described himself as "the gate"? What does it mean to go "through him" for salvation?

How does the enemy try to destroy the sheep of God? What temptations does He use to distract us from following the shepherd?

How can we know where the shepherd is leading us? Where is the shepherd leading you today?

How can this group help you as you seek to follow the good shepherd?

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