Monday, May 23, 2011

God is the Creator, Sustainer, and Judge. Are You Ready? (Acts 17)

What was the best speech you ever heard? What was the best speech you ever gave?

If you could give a speech in front of one group of people, who would it be? Why?

Read Acts 17:24-31. This is the account of one of Paul's most famous speeches.

Clearly Paul is teaching that God is the creator. In your opinion, what rights and privileges does God have because He created the world?

Why do you think Paul says that God has no needs?

According to these verses, God is the sustainer of life. How are some ways that God has sustained your life? What are some of the things He has given you to "keep you alive"? Can you think of specific times when God intervened in your life to provide you with something you needed?

What do you think it means that God determined the times set for people and the places they would live? Do you think that God already knows when and where you will die? How does that make you feel? Does it impact the way you live? Why or why not?

According to verse 27, God wants people to reach out for him. What circumstances did God bring into your life to cause you to reach out for Him? How have you seen God work in other people's lives to cause them to reach out to Him.

According to verse 31, the person who will hand out justice at the final judgment will be Jesus. What do you think will be his criteria for judging people? Are you confident about how he'll judge you? Why or why not?

Should Christians fear the final judgement? Why or why not?

Read Romans 8:14-16. What does this say about fear? Why does being God's child remove fear?

Who do you know that needs to become God's child before the final judgment? What will you do this week to help them along their journey?

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