Friday, May 27, 2011

Does He Love Me? I Want to Know (John 14)

What is your favorite "love song"? Why?

When was the first time you thought you were "in love"? What happened?

How can you tell if you truly love someone? How can you tell if someone loves you?

If you have children, how do you show love toward them? How do they show love toward you?

Does God love you? How do you know?

What do you think it means to "love God"? How do we show our love to him?

Read John 14:15-21.

What did Jesus say was the simple test to show our love to God? What do you think it means to "obey Jesus' commands"? Which of his commands are easy to obey? Which are difficult?

According to these verses, what do you think is the role of the Holy Spirit? Why do you think Jesus refers to him as the Spirit of "Truth"? Why can the world not accept the Holy Spirit?

Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit encouraging you to be more obedient to Christ? How did you respond?

What are some thing people can do to become more in tune with the Holy Spirit's guidance?

In what area of your life is the Holy Spirit currently coaching you toward obedience? What is one thing you can do this week to obey Christ's commands?

How can you encourage others to be more obedient to Christ this week? How can they encourage you?

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