Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Deliverance! (Judges 3)

Talk about a time you have been "really stuck" (traffic, mud, job, etc.). How did you feel at the time? How did you get unstuck? What (if anything) did you learn from the situation?

How do people sometimes get themselves stuck in life? Have you ever watched someone get into a cycle of bad decisions? How did you try to help? What was the outcome?

Read Judges 3:7-9 and Judges 3:12-15.

What similarities do you see in these two passages? How would you describe the cycle in which the Israelites were stuck? (this same pattern is repeated several times throughout the book of Judges)

Has your relationship with God ever felt like this kind of cycle? When is your relationship with God at its high point? When is it at its low point? What are the things you do to contribute to each?

In Judges the Israelites constantly enslaved themselves because they did evil. How have you seen people around you enslave themselves? What are some of the common addictions to which people in our culture become enslaved? Why do you think people get addicted to things so easily?

What are some things to which you tend to become addicted?

What does God do for Israel everytime they call out to him? (3:9, 3:15) What does it mean to be "delivered?"

From what do we most need to be delivered? Who is the deliver God raised up for us? How does that deliverance work?

What things do you feel might be enslaving you today? If you were to cry out to God right now, for what would you ask?

Throughout Judges, God used other people to deliver his people. How can this group help to deliver you from a difficult situation? How can you be a deliverer to someone else in the group?

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