Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Accomplishing Jesus' Mission Together (Acts 1)

Study Notes:
1. The disciples were concerned about two things: The freedom of Israel and the Inauguration of the Kingdom. Jesus doesn't condemn them for this, but redirects them by saying only the Father know when these things will happen. (vs. 6)
2. While they weren't to expect those things immediately, Jesus does tell them what they should expect, The Holy Spirit who will give them power. The Spirit brings a freedom from sin and the Inauguration of the Kingdom Mission . (vs. 7-8)
3. After Jesus was gone, while the disciples waited for the coming of the Spirit, they engaged in activity which is foundational to success in the kingdom mission: gathering together and praying together. (vs.14)

Getting Started:
What is the most valuable item you have received for free? What is something valuable that you have given away for free? Why is it fun to receive free things?

What does the word "freedom" mean to you?

Getting into the Word:
Read Acts 1:6-8. Why do you think the disciples were concerned with the freedom of Israel? From what did they want to be free? Why does Jesus not seem to be to interested in Israel's freedom?

What kind of freedom does Jesus offer? How does the Holy Spirit bring us freedom?

Many people who have been given the Holy Spirit still sin, so what does it mean to be free from sin? Can you talk about a time when you were set free from sin?

Instead of worrying about a coming Kingdom, Jesus had a mission for his disciples (vs. 8). Does this same mission apply to us? If Jesus were to give this mission to us today, what do you think he would say?

What specific things should we be doing to accomplish this mission today?

Read Acts 1:14. How do you think these meetings prepared the disciples to accomplish the mission they were given? Why is prayer important?

Getting Personal:
Why do some people feel awkward about praying in a group? What are some things our group could do to make prayer more a part of our culture?

How can we as a group be more active in accomplishing Jesus' mission for his disciples?

What are one or two things we could each do every day to help us be more effective at accomplishing Jesus' mission? How can we encourage one another as we seek to do these things?

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