Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Focusing on the Good Things in Life Helps You Get Through the Bad (Psalm 105)

When was the last time someone said thank you to you? Did you deserve it? Had you done something amazing or was it just a small thing?

When was the last time someone didn't thank you for something you did for them? How did you feel about that?

Read Psalm 105:1-8.

Which verse in this passage is your favorite? Why?

Are there any verses in this passage that are confusing? Can the group help?

How would you summarize this passage using only one sentence?

Verse one says to "Give thanks to the LORD" and to "make known among the nations what he has done." How are these two activities different? Give specific examples of how you might obey each of these instructions?

As a group, make a list of 50 things God has accomplished for you.

Verse 8 says God remembers his covenant (or promise) forever. Which of God's promises are most meaningful to you? Why?

How is your perspective on life's situations changed when you spend extra time focusing on the good things God has done for you?

What can you do to make this kind of reflection a daily habit in your life?

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