Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be Strong and Courageous! (Joshua 1)

What do you most fear in life? Why?

Read Joshua 1:1-9.

If you were Joshua, what would you have been feeling after the death of Moses?

What kinds of fears do you think Joshua was battling? What do you think God meant by "be strong and courageous"?

What types of fears do the people around you face from day to day? What kind of fears do you face?

What do you think God would say to you or those around you regarding your fears? What would it mean for you to live life "strongly" and with "courage"?

In verses 7 and 8, God gives very specific instructions to Joshua about his relationship to God's Word (the law). How would you summarize, in your own words, these instructions?

What do you think it means to not turn to the right or left of what God's Word says? Can you think of an illustration of someone turning to the right or left of God's instructions? How did it turn out?

How do you meditate on God's Word?

How might the words "prosperous" and "successful" be misunderstood? Is this a promise that people will have lots of money, and no suffering?  What does it mean to be prosperous and successful?

This week, do you need to address fear issues or do you need to work on your relationship with God's Word? How might the two issues be related? What is your plan for the week?

How can this group help you this week?

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