Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Overviewing Genesis 1-11

Our group is doing an overview of the Bible. These were the questions I asked them to think about as they read through Genesis 1-11 and prepared for our first meeting:

Why do you think Genesis 1 specifies what God did on each day?

Are Genesis 1-2 compatibe with each other? Do you think they represent two versions of creation? What do we learn about the creation from each?

What does the story of Cain and Abel teach us about ourselves and our relationships with others?

How do you see the effects of sin in chapters 3-11?

Why do you think these lists of names and families are included in the Bible?

Do you think the flood was an actual, historical event? Why does it even matter if it was?

What did Noah do to gain favor with God? Did he deserve to be saved from the flood? Why or why not?

What did God expect from Noah and his family after the flood? Do any of these expectations appy to us?

What was the biggest sin of the people at Babel? Is God opposed to human unity?

What are one or two tings you would say are themes from these chapters?

What did you learn about God in these chapters?

What questions do you have about God after reading these chapters?

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