Friday, March 4, 2011

Extra Study Questions about John the Baptist

Read Matthew 3:1-17. What do you think was the primary message of John? What do you think it means to “repent?” 

What kind of “fruit” does repentance produce (vs.8)?

Read Mark 1:1-11. John was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. How did he accomplish this? 

How can we prepare people's hearts to meet Jesus? How can you do that this week?

Read Luke 3:1-20. In this chapter, John interacts with many people. Which is your favorite? Why? 

What do you think John would say to you? When someone confronts you, how do you avoid responding like Herod did?

Read John 1:1-8. What was the task God sent John to do? How is our task similar and/or different from John's task? 

In what way can we testify that Jesus is the light of the world?

Read John 1:29-34. John's experience with Jesus provided gave him a powerful testimony. What has been your experience with Jesus?

What can you tell others that Jesus has done for you?

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