Monday, March 21, 2011

Complaining and Rebellion: Two Things That Separate You From God (Exodus 17)

Read Exodus 17:1-16. Which of these two stories do you like best? Why?

What words would you use to describe the people of Israel's behavior in the first three verses? Why do you think they behaved this way?

We don't typically demand that God give us water, but what are some of the things we might demand he provide for us? When is it okay to make demands of God?

Read verse three. Notice the accusations the people made about Moses' motives. Why do you think they assumed the worse about him?

How do you feel when people assume your motives are evil? Why is it sometimes so easy to attack people's motivations? What is a better way to settle disagreements?

In the first story God provided for his people by giving them water. In the second story he provided for them by giving them military victory.  How has God provided something for you in the past few weeks?

After Israel defeated the Amalekites, God promised that he would eventually erase their memory from the earth (vs. 14). Why do you think he made such a harsh statement? How do you think the Israelites felt about this promise?

Read verse 16. A good translation of this verse would be "they raised their fist against the Lord." What did the Amalakites do that was considered "raising their fist" against God? How do people raise their fists against the Lord today?

What things do we do (maybe unintentionally) during the day that might be considered "raising our fists" against God? How do we make these things right?

There are two examples in these stories that we should avoid:

  • The Israelite's spirit of complaining
  • The Amalakites spirit of rebellion

Take a moment and search your heart to see what complaining and rebellion issues you need to deal with. What is one step you can take this week to move in the right direction? How can this group support you along your journey?

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