Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Study Questions from Matthew 22:1-14

Read Matthew 22:1-14. What do you think about when you hear the words, “Kingdom of Heaven?” If God is your king, how can you demonstrate your allegiance to Him?

If the wedding banquet represents the time we are united with God, who do you think are the people being invited? Do you remember the first time you were invited into a relationship with God? What made the biggest impact on you?

Pay special attention to verses 4-6. What were the reasons people refused their invitations? How are these reasons similar to the reasons people today refuse God? How can these same things interfere with your relationship to God?

What do you think it means that people “good and bad” came to the feast (vs.10)? Who do you think were the “bad” people? Who are the “bad” people you need to invite into relationship with God?

Who are three people you know who need to be invited into a relationship with God? How can you either invite them to meet Jesus, invite them to know you better, or invite them to church this week?

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