Monday, January 10, 2011

Sin and Consequences (Genesis 4)

-- These questions are taken directly from Calvary's GROW journal, so they are not necessarily designed to be a complete small group study.  They are however intended to help someone think through the implications of the text. --

Why do you think Cain’s offering didn’t please the LORD?  

Apart from money, what are other offerings we might offer to God?  

What things in our lives might keep us from making offerings that are pleasing to God?

Make a list of the consequences of Cain’s sin.  

How would our attitude toward sin change if we thought about the consequences first?  

How should we treat people who find themselves dealing with the consequences of sin?

Compare Genesis 4:9-16 to Genesis 3:8-24.  What things are similar? What things are different?  What do these passages teach us about ourselves?

What kind of a person do you think Lamech was?  Why?  

What things did he do wrong?  

What was his attitude about himself? What was his attitude toward God?  How did he treat others?  

In what ways do you sometimes act like Lamech?

What do you think it means that “people called on the name of the LORD?”  

When you call on the LORD, what do you say?  

What things do you need from the LORD?  

What things do you need to tell the LORD?

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