Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting on the Right Side of the Final Judgment (Revelation 20)

This is a difficult chapter to work through, so we're going to begin by just talking about the actual content of the chapter.

Have everyone in the group look over the chapter and point out everything the chapter says about the following:
  • Satan (the devil)
  • the 1000 years
  • Jesus Christ
  • Judgment
  • the Lake of Fire
What portions of this chapter stand out? Which portions are exciting? Which are depressing? Why?

Why do you think there are still people on earth willing to follow Satan, even after 1000 years of Christ's reign? What does this tell you about the hearts of men?

If you could summarize this chapter in one sentence, what would it be? (have several people answer this)

How is it encouraging to know that Satan will ultimately be judged for his deceitful work? What does this reminder inspire you to do?

What feelings do you have about the judgement at the end of the chapter? Do you know people who will be on the wrong side of that judgment?

What does someone need to do to get their name in the Book of Life? How can you help those around you to do this? (as a group discuss the different things we can do and say to lovingly provide the truth to these people)

For whom should the group pray this week?

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